School Nursing Enuresis Service

Your child may been referred to us by your GP or paediatrician to assess their continence needs and develop a plan of support that works for them and for you.

Achieving control of bladder and bowel function is a normal part of development for most children and young people. Some children and young people need more help than most to achieve full control and some will need on-going support to be as independent as possible in this area.

Access to this service is open to those who live in Hillingdon, have a Hillingdon GP or attend a Hillingdon school. 

If you are a healthcare professional and want to make a referral to the service please click here to download  our referral form

What happens in the enuresis clinic?

Your first appointment will be in one of our face to face clinics with a school nurse. It is important you attend this appointment.

Please advise if you need a interpreter by calling the clinic and we will arrange for one to be present at the appointment.

Clinics take place at :

Laurel Lodge Clinic, Uxbridge

01895 484 870

Westmead Clinic, South Ruislip

01895 488 860

  • Hillingdon Clinics are run in line with NICE guidance (2010) and the three systems approach. Clinics are child-focused and planned interventions are made in partnership with parents/carers and the child.
  • Clinics are run weekly.
  • First appointment is 1 hour to allow for holistic assessment of the situation.
  • NICE guidance will direct whether support is needed with drinking, toileting advice or interventions are needed with Desmopressin or a nocturnal enuresis alarm.
  • Interventions are trialled and then reviewed.
  • Nocturnal enuresis alarms or medication are not issued without completion of a full holistic assessment.
  • Desmopressin will not be prescribed at the clinic. The service may recommend you GP to presribe desmopressin is required.
  • Desmopressin is only recommended after all self help measures have been done.
  • Children with signs of bladder instability will be referred back to GPs for further assessment and bladder scanned.

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