What to know if your child has been referred to CDC

When a professional has identified some difficulties with your child's development or social communication skills they may speak to you about referral to the Child Development Centre at Hillingdon Hospital. 

To be referred to the Hillingdon child development centre your child needs to be registered with a Hillingdon GP. If you are at a GP outside Hillingdon you will need to ask your GP for a referral to your local service. 

What happens next: Child Development Centre

Approximate waiting time between stages

4 weeks - Consent forms will be sent to you by post. You need to complete and return these as soon as possible

16- 18 Weeks - Initial Appointment at the CDC 

6-9 Months - Multi-Disciplinary Assessment to gain a full understanding of your child’s strengths and difficulties

1-2 Weeks - Outcome Meeting: To discuss the outcome of your child’s assessment 

Please contact the CDC on 01895 488788 if you are unable to attend an appointment or no longer need it. 

Please note: if you do not return the consent form or fail to attend an appointment your child may be discharged and require a new referral.

What happens next: Health Visiting Service

You will continue to get care from the health visiting service until your child is 5. The health visiting service can offer support with area’s you or your child may be finding challenging. The service may also make referrals to other services with your consent. This is based on the other service’s criteria and your child’s needs.

Other services that your child may get a referral for

  • Speech and Language Service        

  • Audiology        

  • Occupational Therapy        

  • Hillingdon Children’s Centres        

  • Early Help Assessment        

  • Send Advisory Service           

If you consent the HV service will send you SMS messages every 3-6 months to check in and you are always welcome to attend our child health clinics or contact us on 01895 891 302 or via email us at cnw-tr.hillingdonchildrencc@nhs.net

Further support and resources

There is a wide range of local, national and international resources available for parents and carers who are supporting a child or young person with neurodevelopmental needs.

SEND Local Offer www.hillingdon.gov.uk/send-local-offer The Hillingdon local offer provides information for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and their parents/carers.
Hillingdon Talks, Moves, Plays


Advice Line: 01895 488 200
Email: citsadmin.cnwl@nhs.net 

Information about the Children’s Integrated Therapy Service (CITS). service and advice sheets and videos developed by our specialist therapists to help you support your child. 
Hillingdon Children’s Centres www.hillingdon.gov.uk/childrenscentres Hillingdon children’s centres offer a range of groups and support. If you need a referral please contact the Health Visiting service.
Hillingdon Early Years  www.hillingdon.gov.uk/earlyyears Enrolling your child in nursery and/or attending your local children’s centre provides new and exciting opportunities for your child to socialise and learn through play.
Hillingdon ASD Pathway www.hillingdon.gov.uk/asd-pathway Hillingdon ASD Pathway gives information about support available for your child’s needs


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