11-19 Years

Welcome to the 11-19 section of the Hillingdon children and young people website. 

The website has been developed by the health visiting and school nursing teams with collaboration with parent’s, carers and young people.  You can find lots of information about health, emotional wellbeing, relationships and other topics below along with details of your school nursing service.


Alert Information

Are your vaccinations up to date?

Vaccination can protect you against diseases like measles, rubella, tetanus and meningitis.

Young people are encouraged to be involved in making decisions about their own health and the care they receive including vaccinations. 

Children aged 5-18 years old : The Hillingdon Immunisation team can help if you think you have missed a vaccine. Contact them on 01895 485740

Find out more about school age vaccinations here 

If you're over 18 contact your GP to catch up