Starting Secondary School

Starting secondary school can be exciting and frightening at the same time. It’s normal to feel like this.

Top tips for starting secondary school

Get organised!  

Pack your school bag carefully to make sure you have all the equipment you may need. For example, pencil case, pens, dictionary, notepad etc. Doing this every night before bed is less stressful than rushing in the morning where you are might forget something too if you are rushing.


Ask for help or talk to someone you trust if you have any concerns or worries. This could be your parents, carer, teacher, school nurse, an older sibling or friends.  
Making new friends can be hard and scary at first but remember everyone else is in the same situation.  

Try to be confident

First impressions last a long time so try to be confident and speak to new people.


Make sure you are wearing the correct uniform and remember to take your PE kit into school when you have PE lessons.

Travelling to school

Plan your journey to school beforehand. It is a good idea to practice the journey a few times before your first day at school.

Time keeping

Make sure you arrive at school in plenty of time before your first lesson of the day starts.  Being late can be stressful!


Make sure you stick to the timetable that your form tutor gives you. This will show you which lesson you should be in at a certain time.

New opportunities

Make the most of all the new opportunities offered to you. Get involved in new clubs, activities and after-school sports.
Find your way around the school and familiarise yourself with their settings.  

Enjoy it! 

Making new friends and learning new things is exciting.

For some top tips from year 7s who started secondary school last year and are now moving into year 8, visit BBC newsround’s website


If you have any concerns or worries about starting to secondary school it’s a good idea to speak to your parents or carer, or to someone you trust. If you have any older siblings, you could ask them about their experiences. They will probably have some words of wisdom to share as they will have been through the same thing.